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  • Wondering Where the Excitement or Passion Has Gone?

  • Find Yourself Avoiding Tough Conversations?

  • Feel Like You're Keeping Score?

  • Does It Seem Like You're Walking on Eggshells?

  • Have You Tried Counseling That Didn't Work?

  • Questioning If This Is As Good As It Gets?

It's OK! Every Relationship Has Challenges

Whether you want to improve your relationship with your spouse, significant other, a business partner or even your Mother In Law...

We'll show you the best and most effective ways to move past what's been stopping you and how to move forward with ease and sanity!

THIS THURSDAY at 4PM (Pacific)

Facilitated By
Jeff Rogers, BrainStorm

My name is Jeff Rogers I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for over 29 years and together for 31 We've had some amazing adventures (and even heartaches) raising our 3 awesome kids AND we've had some gut wrenching experiences getting through challenges that often times felt monumental. We're definitely not perfect, but we developed an arsenal of tools and solutions to help us get through the hard times with respect and love. Believe it or not, we even work together! In short, a lot of my success comes from the blood, sweat and tears of living it.

Professionally, I'm a No BS, solution oriented, accountability and results coach. I'm not a Catholic Priest and I didn't get my experience on the internet in a 3 hour certification course. I combine my real life experience and 30+ years of successfully coaching people to shift their behaviors and get what they want. I’ve developed real, practical, simple to apply tools that support people in creating the relationships they dream of. I’ve coached thousands of people who have made similar mistakes and I've supported them to overcome the natural challenges we all face in relationships. I've shown them that truly amazing relationships are possible and how to actually create that for themselves.

Jeff Rogers Relationship Rehab Coach

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